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Sirsangi Kalika temple - Karnataka

The Shri Kalika Devi Temple (Kannada: Shri Kalika Devi Devasthan) is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kali in a valley in the Shirasangi, Belgaum district in Karnataka, approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Saundatti. The place has temples dedicated to Kalmeshwara and Bhairaveshwara or Kalamma. The Palanquin Festival of Kalamma is held at the Bannimantapa during the Ugadi Festival for five days when about 15,000 people assemble. This temple is known for its historical and mythological importance. Cultural and religious programs are celebrated on the half-moon day known as Amavasya. One of the major festivals celebrated here is Ugadi.
The place name is mentioned as Rishishringapura, Pirishingi, or Hirishingi in two records from the same place dated 1148 of Jagadekamalla and another dated 1186 of Someshwara IV.[citation needed] It was a noted commercial center.
As per the studies conducted by the department of archaeology, the temple of Shri Kalika Devi in Sirsangi might have been constructed during the first century. Sirsangi is a place which is prominent in Karnataka and this is due to the monuments and temples in and around this small village. Earlier this place was known as Pirising but later, during the Medieval era, the name was changed as Hirisingi.
The temple of Shri Kalika Devi in Sirsangi is of mythological significance as its name is mentioned in many Hindu mythologies.
One such myth mentions that a saint by the name of Vrusya Sanga was involved in penance in Vrusya Sanga Tapovan, which is currently the place where the temple of Shri Kalika Devi is. However, demons like Narundasur (Naragunda), Bettasura (Betasur) and Nalundasur (Navalagund) disturbed his meditation. Then the goddesses Chikkumbasura (Chikkumbi) and Hirekumbasura (Hirekumbi) killed these demons heeding the pleas of the ascetic Vrusya Sanga. The goddesses later settled down here and hence the temple of Shri Kalika Devi was erected in Sirsangi.
Ugadi is one of the major festivals celebrated by Vishwakarmas of this region. The Vishwakarma Samaj Vikas Samsthe organizes religious and cultural programmes on the Amavasya (Half-moon Day). Devotees offer wheat grown in their fields to the goddess. The famous "Butti" ritual is performed during the early hours of the Padyami.
The Kalika Devi temple at Sirsangi is 62 km from Dharwad and is on the Dharwad–Bijapur route. It is around 2 km from the bus stand at Sirsangi.
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The nearest airport is Belgaum which is around 100 km and Hubli around 72 km from Shri Kalika Devi Temple at Sirsangi.
The nearest railway station is located at Hubli. There are daily trains which connect Hubli to other spots in Karnataka.

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